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🕕︎ - 2003-08-02

There seems to be a computer game called "Operation Flashpoint", that allows you to drive a UAZ 469B. The video is probably from the game, not that interesting. Another Flashpoint-site: "A good scout vehicle. The UAZ can transport 4 men on a patrol or scouting mission.".

Russian Cars - site with various info on Russian cars, here's a page about UAZ 469B-successors. I think I'd like a Zil 4104 or a 41042. The 41044 ain't bad either - and check out the boot on the 41047!

Some litterature.

Some folks in The Netherlands have no taste. Poor car.

Private YA3 469b homepage - includes schematics.

"This UAZ 4x4 is from Honduras where Adolfo E Pena Cabus uses it to climb 5,000 feet to his tiny coffee plantation located beside a tropical rain forest. He says that the UAZ's perfomance exceeds that of the LandCruiser, Nissan Patrol and any other SUV with the exception of Land Rover Defender, the only 4x4 capable to exceed the UAZ's abilities." - UAZ 4WD.

UAZ 469 in service in Bosnia.

Orlen Trophy 4x4 in Kietlice, 2002: Second, third, fourth, fifth, seventh, eight, tenth places: UAZ.

Samochód terenowo-ciężarowy UAZ 469B, 1974.

Another picture from a set of pictures of various 4x4s in the snow.

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