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🕡︎ - 2021-03-14

Once in a while I check out the website "uses this" - I'm often surprised at the diversity of people's tools and software, and sometimes inspired to try something new.

This, however, is one comment I haven't seen before:

I decided to stop using open source software whenever possible and use any available alternatives

· Robert Lefkowitz uses this

I've heard people with the opposite sentiment, but never people who actively decide to try to avoid open source software.

This person is also an Apple customer, which is a little confusing, as much of Apple's core operating system is built on open source - I guess "whenever possible" excludes giving up Apple's operating systems for something with less open source content like, say, Microsoft Windows…

It would probably be fitting for me not to get too holy here, after all, it isn't that much different than me preferring Free Software, but still using drivers and computers that depend on proprietary blobs of firmware.

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