Uhm, 1-2, yeah. #Overground

🕣︎ - 2000-03-10

"coopetition", was a word I hadn't heard before.

This design is clear and neat and tidy. But it looks a little too much like a newspaper, Right?

Something computer-thing you need a short descriptions of, like two phase commit? whatis.com to the rescue.

D:A:D has started the countdown to the release of their seventh studio album. I've heard it. Sounds good.

Ever wanted to know what it looks like at Netscape? Here's the pictures. The christmas-lights thing is nifty :-)

Did you think that there were only two browsers in the world? You were wrong!

Why not use bricks as a user interface? Sounds crayzzzy!

Whoa! What does one call the opposite of a "template"? More later. News at 7.

Where's the "Temple Of Cocoa"? cocoa.com seems to be open, kakao.dk is taken (but has no contents) and cocoa.org points to cocoavillage (some place in Florida). Brown pages needed urgently!

Yes, that is my handwriting.

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