๐Ÿ•—๏ธŽ - 2001-08-05

Yesterday I bought an Apple Airport UFO. I've got it configured via MacOS, but I can't seem to get the Airport-driver working correctly under GNU/Linux. I can only load the airport module if I do not specify any parameters?! Contact me if you've got the solution. Thanks.

Update: - don't worry about those parameters. Just load the module, ifup eth1 and then configure with iwconfig (from the wireless-tools package (on Debian, anyway)). That's it!


The Smart Tags Weblog

Debian wiki web

How did the ancient Egyptions erect all those obelisks, really? Maybe using kites? Gives the expression "high as a kite" a whole new meaning. Or not.

Am I using a nasty browser? Are you?

Having problems coming up with a new web-site design? Feel like "borrowing" someone elses? Think you're getting away with it? Arrrrgh... pirated sites.

Did you recently go from Windows til GNU/Linux? Perhaps IBM can help you with the transition.

Meerkat - web-based syndicated content reader; based on RSS.

Of course the is a LaTeX for the HP LX200 (80186-based palmtop). Of course.

No MSIE on fridays-Apache module. [[Tongue in cheek]].

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 won't behave as stupid as version 5 did when parsing stylesheets - it won't default to "px" when no unit is given!


Making the console on Debian prettier: ASCII swirly.

Danish banks that have been reported to be usable under GNU/Linux.


Wireless Security Auditor - research use of an iPaq handheld and GNU/Linux at IBM.

Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!

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