Turning heatwave data into information #climate crisis

🕥︎ - 2021-08-22

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences Andrew Dessler calmly takes down Ph.D. in political science Bjørn Lomborg's cherry picked, flawed EPA heatwave graph.

Tellingly Bjørn Lomborg engages with petty replies in a tweet exchange about it ("Wow so you're literally saying it is not okay to use EPA data") - a good indication that his goal is attention rather than knowledge.

The graph reflects some choices in interpretation of the raw data, which makes the reply facetious: it's not just raw data, it's data interpreted into information in a way that may or may not be meaningful, which is what is discussed by the other party.

But this is how we've always known Bjørn Lomborg - his whole spiel is "do cost/benefit analysis' and conclude that nothing can be done and everything will be fine due to future inventions" and conveniently show only information supporting that stance.

It is hard to tell if he is stupid, evil, or an attention seeking troll. In this case, I am having a hard time applying Hanlon's razor.

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