๐Ÿ•–๏ธŽ - 2000-04-23

So, bored out of my skull I decide to do the taxes. Shouldn't take more than two seconds, and for those two seconds I can stop feeling guilty for not doing something I ought to do. Something baffles me, and I see that the guide "Skatten 99" is supposed to be online at www.toldskat.dk, so I start the computer and go there. To no avail! If I go for the list of contents in The Electronic Library, nothing happens when I click a link. If I use the search-function, I get a "Login/Password"-page, that makes no sense.

So, wanting to let out the air of everybody who works at Told*Skats bikes, I decide to leave them some feedback, and ask why I can't find what they advertise they have. Now, how do I leave feedback for the webmaster? Ohhh, I click on the words "my local told- and skatteregion", and then I can choose webmaster from a list. How intuitive?! How about putting a link to the webmasters email-address on every page for crying out loud? Oh, and before I can leave my feedback, I have to give my address - why do they need that? It's their site that is broken, I'm telling them, why do I need to punch in my freakin' address?!?!

Why are these people pissing on their customers?

Why don't they know jack about shelling out information? It's half of what they do, I'm sure!

Why don't they hire some highschool kid to make the website usable for crying out loud?

It's just so darned pathetic, it makes me want to puke.

Okay, so maybe it works if I turn better if I off my proxy. But that really shouldn't be necessary!

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