๐Ÿ•˜๏ธŽ - 2000-11-20

ICANN has issued new TLDs (Top Level Domains) - LemurZone has appropriate comments on the good judgement exercised.

Okay, here we go: The Agent was assigned the task of buying "Programming Perl, 3rd edition" online. Amazon was of course ruled out at once.

Since I don't have an international creditcard, I started by checking out the Danish online bookstores:

Arnold Busch was a huge disappointment online. Their website spat out one incomprehensible page after another.

Gad had the book and was able to show it - but 555 dkr.?! (Amazon charges 26.80 pounds, around 350 dkr.) Also, the book is in English, yet there is a Danish flag next to "Sprog"...

Aalbog Centerboghandel had the book listed, but when I clicked on the link, all I got was a Not Found-page.

bol.com was probably the most disheartening visit - a page with extremely small letters said that the website was closed for maintenance!

Bookworld.dk - the book is found there (the page is ugly, but still) - only problem is the price 498 dkr.!

webhut.dk also has the book, but at 518 dkr. it's still extremely expensive compared to the non-Danish shops.

stop4u has a stupid name, but of all the Danish online bookstores I visited, they had the least expensive price: 435.50 dkr. for the hardback version of the book. For orders less than 500 dkr. they trust you enough to send the book and a bill - no creditcard needed.

Foreign online bookshops almost all had a price comparable to Amazons.

I was recommended this one: bookshop.co.uk.

Other big names that had the book are: fatbrain.com, Barnes & Noble (both in the US unfortunately (customswise)).

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