This is our winter of...

๐Ÿ•™๏ธŽ - 2001-02-06

The quoted line isn't complete - the winter was over before anyone could pronounce the whole thing. All the snow is gone again. Sigh.

The Rainbow Runner Studio driver-for-Linux-page. Unfortunately Matrox seems not to want to/be able to cooporate with information about the one chip that the project needs information about. Darn.

As if the 25 cds of live-material that Pearl Jam already released wasn't enough, they are now planning to release 47 more! Are these people having problems what recordings to scrap or what?!

5dwm - the Indigo Magic Interactive Desktop is being ported from SGI/Irix to GNU/Linux. The website doesn't do anything in Mozilla...

Home of the (cute) Bubbling Load Monitor.

UserFriendly does one of their popular songs: What a wonderful world, geek-style.

Test your drivers license-test readyness (if you're danish) on trafiktest.dk. I flunked all of the tests the first time - it takes a while to get (re-)used to things like "When I'm on a road in the countryside, I should be paying extra attention to the condition of the road because there is no pavement"...

The cutest mini-robots!

Jaron Lanier's Love Song For Napster.

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