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🕙︎ - 2000-06-21

The SANS Institue has made a list of "The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats" and how to eliminate them.

Not everybody likes WAP: "Underwhelmed By WAP". I haven't seen a WAP-phone in real life yet, so my opionion is not wellfunded.

PHP is a web-oriented serverside scripting language. A lot of people swear by it. I haven't taken the time to look at it yet - I still think that a page that isn't different for each and every download shouldn't be generated on each and every download. Make a new page when it changes! "Are You Being Served? An Introduction to PHP".

forUse is a "The Web site (in two words?) for practitioners of usage-centered design". That sounds like a good thing.

Steve Summit's home page was bookmarked because he maintains the comp.lang.c-faq, which has <a href="http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/C-faq/q11.15.html>funny entries about how main() should be declared..

Students in the US make fun projects! Any project involving Star Wars is a hit :-)

There is a Nokia Logo Editor for GNU/Linux! Now we just need a way to transfer the logos designed to the phones...

When designing webpages, liquid is what you should be thinking of. And no, it's not about beverages... :-)

Snowboards are hard to ride. Much harder than skateboards. But snowboarders want to have the same experience they have on snow on tarmac - that's where FreeBord enters the scene. How very odd! I think I'll settle for something in between and get myself a somewhat-longboard with soft wheels...

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy is a trilogy in five pieces that many geeks hold dear. I remember reading the Danish translation ("Håndbog for Vakse Galaxeblaffere"), or some of it, back when I was in school.. I don't know. Maybe I just didn't get it. The author has a project on the net, making the guide: . In case you're interested, I'm "Researcher 135019". Not that I have written anything yet. They recently changed their design I think. The new one is cleaner, but I don't like the colours. I think I like Everything better - and I've written an entry or two there. Finnish band :-)

As Mozilla is growing, strange stuff starts to appear!

KDE (still) has licensing problems - and Debian is the only GNU/Linux distribution that lives up to the word of the licenses... The conclusion on the $3000-offer at SlashDot. Freshmeat has the scoop from yet another angle.

MixMagic is a Free Software sound-application. I haven't tried it, and the webpage is ugly, but how can you not like this: "MixMagic is harddrive sound mixing program for Gnome, it can handle large (larger then system memory) samples. MixMagic is able to mix as many waves as your CPU can handle."?

The Danish "Retskrivningsordbogen" comes on a cd-rom, but only with Windows-programs. Fortunately there is Free Software available, ro , so that it still can be used! If you don't have the cd-rom, you can look up words on the web: Dansk Sprognævn.

When your Linux-box is online constantly (or a lot), monitoring it - to see if somebody tries to break in - is not a bad idea.

One of the authors of the Free Software mailinglist manager Mailman, John Viega, writes about the sometimes exaggerated myth/fact/proposition that Free Software inherently is more secure.

Bruce Schneier is a very famous man. In cryptology-circles, that is :-) - He issues a monthly newsletter called Crypto-Gram. In the June-edition he thrashes SOAP - a XML-over-HTTP-protocol being introduced. Mr. Dave Winer of scripting.com thinks that SOAP is great. Different views, different perspectives, different conclusions.

<Shameless plug> Medley Studio has got a homepage. The email still doesn't work. I'm waiting for answers to fix it.. &lt/Shameless plug>

More music: Someone has put pictures from the entire Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan "music-video" online. Cool!

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