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๐Ÿ•๏ธŽ - 2000-09-04

no, there's nothing like a new disk to make things move along smoothly. Cooool!

I saw a short documentary called "Look Back: Don't Look Back" tonight at Filmhuset. It was about these two guys who liked the documentary "Don't Look Back" by D.A. Pennebaker from 1965 about Bob Dylans tour in England. They went to New York for a concert with the goal: To talk to Bob Dylan. On their way they talked to Jesse Dylan and Jeff Rosen on the phone and they met D.A. Pennebaker and talked with him briefly - he showed them the camera he used (and said that he had kept on using it up to around 1984!) - and then they smuggled in a little film-camera to the concert. That's it. They didn't talk to him, and they didn't even get close.

And frankly, I don't think that was a loss. They seemed like they were at at stage that went like: "Don't Look Back is a great movie! Bob Dylan is really cool and intriguing! We want to talk to him!" - but what was the purpose? What were they going to say? What was their questions?

It didn't seem like they had any. So the point was lost.

Looking up I sound really negative. That's not fair, because I liked the film. It was fun to watch - it was even worth the 1+ kr. I payed per minute to watch it. But it could have been so much better, if they had a purpose. Maybe that even would have helped them get closer? I mean, handing a guard a letter saying: "We want to ask you about folk" doesn't really seem to be that well thought out, does it?

Maybe it wasn't meant to. What do I know?

Pennebaker had an interesting observation. Something along the lines of that Bob Dylan knows, knows what he is "worth", in some sense, so nothing can really upset him, nothing can really hurt him (and then they cut to the scene in Don't Look Back where Dylan sings It's All Over Now, Baby Blue at the request of Donovan (who just previously did a Dylan-rip-off song of his own), and Bob Dylan is smiling while he is singing. He doesn't have to say anything about Donovan ripping him off, he doesn't have to do anything to show his power, but sing.

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