The Gimp layers

🕗︎ - 2001-11-12

I just tried opening a Photoshop-file in The Gimp. The Gimp said: "Sorry - this image has too many layers. Tell Adam!"

I took a while before I finally decided to compose the following email:

To: adam at gimp.org
From: Adam Sjøgren <asjo at koldfront.dk>
Subject: PSD Layers
Date: 12 Nov 2001 19:05:39 +0100
Hi Adam.
The Gimp just courteously asked me to tell you that a .PSD-file I just tried to open has too many layers.
I hope you're the Adam to which The Gimp was referring, because when I told myself that there was too many, I didn't have any idea what I was talking about or how I was supposed to fix it, and frankly I looked a little puzzled...
Best regards & thanks for The Gimp!
Another Adam.


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