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🕠︎ - 2002-08-17

Aktas: Svenska! We went to Malmö for VibraCrunch 4 - a string of concerts arranged by Danish recordcompany Crunchy Frog and part of the Malmö festival.

Arrived at Bastionen Uppsala at around the time that Revolvo went on stage. They delivered a slightly unenthusiastic concert, although they did build up some steam towards the end of the concert. Quite liked them; they sound like they could be good in a couple of years.

Revolvo: Lead singer Afterward we sat on the grass overlooking the canal and the train station and ate pancakes. I wholeheartedly recommend bringing homemade pancakes to eat at concert, heck, to eat anywhere. Meanwhile Thau was playing in the smaller tent nearby. Sounded fragmentet and directionless to us, but maybe that's our just lack of understanding where they are going. A young man took the opportunity to swim in the canal, while others used to to do their dishes and take a leak. Nice combination. Revolvo: Bassplayer

Up next on the larger scene was Swan Lee. I think they played skillfully and I definitely recognized a bunch of songs from the radio. Unfortunately I'm not that fond of their music, and at one point I caught myself thinking that most of the songs seemed a little template-like. Heard a couple - heard them all. The audience in general in the tent seemed to enjoy the concert. After Swan Lee we decided to stroll down to Stora Torget and look at the big scene there, where Carola was to play later in the evening. Fortunately at the same time The Raveonettes was to enter the stage, so we didn't have to worry. After seeing a man with grey hair wearing what seemed to be his pyjamas on stage there (apparantly that was Torsson), we quickly retreated to the starcase of Caroli Kyrka with a bottle of the brown liquid and a couple of cups.

Swan Lee: Singer Swan Lee: Bass Around half an hour before The Raveonettes was to play, we returned to the concert-tent (passing by Quit Your Dayjob - who sounded like they shouldn't). During the soundcheck I noticed that Sharin Foo would have to be quite tall to play the bass being prepared. Around 5 minutes before the concert was scheduled to start, and announcer came on stage and said that they were a little early, but why not start now? And then he added: If we hadn't heard yet, then there was a message: The Raveonettes aren't playing (due to someone being ill)! They could have put a note up at the board where the program was listed or announced it between the other concerts - but noooo. Maybe they wanted people to stick around and buy some more beer?

Anyway, the replacement was called Pleasure Machine. We left after 1.5 songs. Carola here we go!

Yikes, it's Carola!

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