The ants are my friend #Coop

🕒︎ - 2000-06-25

I had the strangest dream today. I was onboard a small motorized boat and my parents were in the back, at the wheel. I was sitting in front of the boat and in front of me was Billy Corgan. We were travelling down our street, by boat. As my mom swerved the boat to avoid hitting an underwater rock, Billy Corgan asked me how it was to have a nuclear powerplant within view from the city. I told him, truthfully, that we didn't really think about it, but that it isn't exactly reassuring to be able see the twin towers of Barsebäck through the mist on a clear day - on the other hand, some places nuclear powerplants are located in the middle of cities. Yeah, he knew. At the end of the street we hopped off the boat to see an electricity connection point, but we soon realized that there was a low (one foot rise) stage and a soundcheck going on. Billy Corgan said something and rushed ahead. I didn't move as quickly, because of the boat. When I got a little closer and the stage was in view, I realized that Bob Dylan was up there, walking around singing and playing for the soundcheck. He was wearing small oval glasses, and looked 10 years younger. I looked around for Billy Corgan, wanting to know his opinion of Bob Dylan and to have him as a "cover" for being there, but I couldn't see him anywhere. I walked around nervously for a while, I was sure I wasn't supposed to be there, and this young dude with rasta-hair inside a huge knitted hat comes up to me and says something like: "And hey, they use X catering!" - I look over my shoulder and see people shoveling food. I turn my attention to the stage, Bob Dylan is still singing, walking casually around the stage wearing a white shirt. I notice the bass-player with his back turned - what?! It's Stig Pedersen! As the bass-player turns around I realize that he isn't Stig Pedersen - his shirt is off, but this one looks like a bodybuilder on steroids who has been pumping iron daily for the last decade. And then the dream ended.

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