Sound, microphones, all computers are crap #hardware

🕥︎ - 2005-10-14

Apparantly all I do these days is complain.

Well, so be it, here is the next installment:

I attached a microphone - actually I found two microphones and tried them both - to my desktop box today. Without any luck, no sound getting in regardless of how I set the numerous sliders in the multitude of mixers.

What's a boy to do? I powered down the box and grabbed a soundcard from the nearest pile of semi-useless junk and put it in.

Hooray, now I can actually make the meter in Audacity register when I pound the microphone. But the background noise is enormous, almost entirely drowning anything coming in through the microphone.

Also, if I move windows around, the noise changes. Needless to say, the sound-card is next to the graphics adapter.

(And it can't be put in elsewhere, as my desktop is one of those "cute" little Shuttle-boxes, with exactly one AGP-port and one PCI-port).

Utter useless crap.

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