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🕞︎ - 2001-03-22

Wondering on the correct response to jeopardy-style quoting? Wonder no more!

Danmarks Statistik has an area with "free figures", amongst those are some fun name-number tricks. One newspaper reported that 11 girls in Denmark is called "Cirkeline"(!) There are 1596 people called "Adam" in Denmark. The top boys name is Jens (59417 persons). The number of people called "Cirkeline" is 75(!!) and there are 3606 Leas. The top girls name is Kirsten (51219). Lastnames: 284 called Sjøgren(!), 255892 called Hansen, Jensen is the top-scorer with 312396. Yesterday, when the names-service was announced in the newspapers, the page didn't work. Embarrasing!

Nintendo released a new gameboy. In Japan.

The Honeypot Forensic Challenge results.

Interview with Berlin lead developer Stefan Seefeld.

They may have found the Mars Polar Lander!

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