Shoooooosssshhhh #Overground

๐Ÿ••๏ธŽ - 1999-12-21

I am absolutely baffled by the things the sweet people who are beginning to use the newly released Manila/Frontier
publishing system (on editthispage.com) are saying. "It's so easy", "I changed the colours in only ยฝ an hour", "All from the browser". Why do these people think that is a revolution?

Two things that annoy me: 1) All the sites look the same! 2) Those blasted calendars! (Yes, I know I should just ignore it, but... :-))

Hey, there used to be a computer called "Adam "... A moving company and a computer. Yeah.

Don't you just love the shape of the monitor of the Commodore PET? (No, I am not old enough to have used one of those. I think I saw one, once, though).

Mozilla Milestone 12 is out! I've heard a lot of talk about things getting better quickly for M12, so I'll download it, when a Debian package appears. Zoooom! It's here now - M12 package!

I just let the vacuum-cleaner run amok inside the computer.. One of the cd-drives was acting up, and I thought maybe removing some of the dust would help. It seems to work now. We'll see for how long...

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