Sennheiser MX 580 #bike #music #podcast

🕢︎ - 2013-08-06

My old, cheap pair of earphones stopped making sound in one side.

So I had to find a new pair. I liked that the old pair had a volume control on the lead, so I could adjust the volume while walking or biking without fishing the phone out of my pocket.

The model I had doesn't exist any more (of course), so I found the cheapest pair from the same company with a volume control: Sennheiser MX 580.

The good: There are two pairs of rubber things to put on the earphones so they fit your ears better, and one set of the small black foam-thingies in the box. Also a plastic clip and a useless pouch-like thing. My ears apparently are big, so using the largest rubber things feel good, for now.

The ok: I guess the sound is okay - I am no hi-fi sound enthusiast. I can hear what they say on the podcast, m-kay.

The bad: The volume control is featureless, no bumps, all smooth - so it is impossible to tell if you are twiddling the side with the slider on it, or the back of it - until you hit the slider and accidentally turn the sound way UP. Aiee.

I think I need to molest the plastic somehow with a sharp knife, so I can feel where the slider thing is.

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