๐Ÿ•š๏ธŽ - 2001-05-08

WiseNut is a new search-engine. It looks like they've learned from Google (simple and clean design). One thing they haven't peeked at Google about is the operating system, WiseNut seems to be using Windows 2000 (at least for their webserving boxes). They have a patent pending on their WISERank system. Does that remind you of Googles PageRank at all? :-)

Emulators were written so that people could play old arcade-games on their blinding fast computers of today. And of course a system for enabling people to play emulator-games over the net had to be written sooner or later: Kaillera.

SMS Client - a programme for sending SMS-messages. I doesn't seem to be able to send images and ringtones (yet?), but it's worth looking into.

"If you know MRTG, you can think of RRDtool as a reimplementation of MRTGs graphing and logging features. Magnitudes faster and more flexible than you ever thought possible". Good to know.

J R Stockton collects critical dates - cute!

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