Roskilde 2000 #Coop

🕛︎ - 2000-07-01

DR: Otte mast ihjel på Roskilde Festival: "Eight people crushed to death at the Roskilde Festival, all male. All dead identified: three Danes, three Swedes, one German and one Dutch man" (my translation).

CNN.dk: Mindst 8 Roskilde Festival-gæster dræbt ved Pearl Jam-koncert, Roskilde Festival fortsætter trods otte mænds død.


Roskilde Festival: Tragisk ulykke på roskilde festival.

CNN.com: 8 fans crushed to death at outdoor Pearl Jam performance in Denmark

I think Pearl Jam's message speaks for itself.

I can't really take foreign security people and bands who haven't been at the actual festivals opinions on whether the festival should have closed and whether security was good enough seriously. How can they know anything?

Update: The badly injured Australian died in the hospital today. Nine dead.

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