Raspberry Pi 3 #computers #hardware #jukebox

๐Ÿ•—๏ธŽ - 2016-05-01

I upgraded my jukebox to a Raspberry Pi 3 yesterday, after becoming exceedingly annoyed by my Raspberry Pi B+ only managing to boot about half the time.

So far: the built in wifi works great, I can run the attached 2,5" harddisk from two of the usb ports, and it boots as it should.

So with the new Pi I have saved using an external USB-hub and an external USB wifi dongle.

Only downside is that I could not make the external usb sound dongle work - it appears in alsamixer, but whatever I do, no sound comes out. The built in sound works, and seems to work better than on the original Pi, where the sound level was unusably low.

All in all, Raspberry Pi 3, thumbs up!

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