Rain, rain go away

🕣︎ - 2001-04-28

Rain. How nice. Let's have some more of that. Why, thank you.

[[Puts "Beck: Deadweight" on]].


Ever bought a thing that had some detail on it that made you think: "That's nice, but am I ever going to use that?"? I'm loving the little light that can be turned on on my turntable more and more by the day :-)

You think you're gonna take her away
With your money and your cocaine
You keep thinking that her mind is gonna change
But I know everything is okay

She's going to listen to her heart
It's gonna tell her what to do
She might need a lot of lovin'
But she don't need you

- Listen to Her Heart, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.

Got a lot of bucks to burn on one day in Copenhagen listening to web-famous speakers? Reboot'n'burn.

You want to pull up in an ultracool car for the Reboot-show, how about a red one like Bob's?

Aiiee, a genuinly ugly cell-phone. Fortunately it's only a rumour.

Ellen Spertus sued Kozmo for spamming. And won. Yes.

Google runs on 8000 boxes these days. All GNU/Linux. I wonder when they'll realise that the fad is over and install Windows XP instead? <snicker>

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