Pigs in Space!

๐Ÿ•๏ธŽ - 2001-03-18

... or not. The FIRST robotics competition was webcast from NASAs JPL. Whoa. It seems to be over by now, though, all I get is pictures from some "Mission Control Center"... :-)

When you've got an old Volkswagen that isn't cool at all, what do you do? Why, you embed an Atari 2600 into the dash, of course.

Pay for play: "Why does radio suck? Because most stations play only the songs the record companies pay them to.".

Rap is selling more records than Country in Gods own country these days. How about that. I'd like to see how much country sells in other parts of the world. I don't know anyone who is into country.

Is the Apple Cube in trouble? I hope not. Or. Well. I want one. Cheap, please.

A comment directed at Web Hipsters. As much as I like a good rant, wouldn't this have been more fitting a couple of years ago? I mean, it's easy to criticise them when things are going wrong... Oh well.

EnterpriseLinux: "Python creator: Perl users are moving to Python" - damn, am I being left behind again?! Better read the article and get the scoop on Python...

Another article one should read: "Debunking the myths of UI design ".

MindGuard - what we've all been missing for sooo long!

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