Out of place #observation

๐Ÿ• ๏ธŽ - 2005-12-08

In a local supermarket where I buy my groceries from time to time, there is a cashier who seems quite out of place.

Where other cashiers usually place the customer item dividers on the edge besides the conveyor belt, so they easily slide back towards the new customers, this person puts then on the conveyor belt instead. Not only do they then keep moving the wrong way - and in her way, they are also in the way of the groceries.

Past the barcode reader there is a movable divider so the two latest customers items do not get mixed. Instead of sliding it to the other side when she starts registering a new customers items, she lifts the items over the divider haphazardly, sometimes hitting it.

It looks like she does her job in the least practical way possible, and I can't help to wonder why.

It doesn't look like she is new in the job or that she is too young to have learned how to do the job properly, so basically I'm puzzled.

Maybe she just doesn't care?

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