Optimizing a party #Coop

🕢︎ - 2000-09-22

Someone has designed a lego-robot that watches a dancefloor, and changes the music if the action isn't happening. How weird is that? When I saw a computer lugged into the living room to serve as an MP3-jukebox I was surprised... Now this?

I want to look at the cover, I want to look at the record, I want to decide what to play. I want to change it according to mood. I want to change it often. Maybe I just want to be distracted.

If you wan't your homepage designed, try stopping by "Dansk Homepage Design". As you can see, they know what's cool and what's happening!

Usability evangelist Jakob Nielsen has a dubious past, it seems.

And as usual, food for thought.

Russian scientists seem to have to turn into mad professors to get funding!

Blame Canada? No, blame Jef Raskin! :-)

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