On a day

🕢︎ - 2001-10-21

of wrong moves, yeah.

Evolt: A Project Management Glossary.

The effect of September 11 on Google.

A very, very fast bike.

IBM and Citizen working on bringing Linux to your wrist.

Another strange thing to do with a GPS receiver: GPS Drawing.

An interview with Samba-developer Andrew Tridgell.

OSNews interview with FreeBSD developer Matt Dillon. (Yes, that Matt Dillon).

Looking for a webmail-program? Maybe SquirrelMail is interesting? (Written in PHP4).

Unicomp PC Keyboards - they make buckling spring keyboards (the clicky IBM-type ones).

Perhaps kerneltrap is worth visiting semi-regularly? Writetheweb - news for web users that write back.

SVG graphics for your icons. Whoa! All kinds of graphics-fun at "the hideout".

dotemacs - all kinds of tips for your favourite editor.

Also: EmacsWiki (not much there. Yet?)

Recreating Rome?! Nova Roma!

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