Old browsers that suck... #Coop

🕦︎ - 2000-04-18

... they really suck. Netscape 4.0X (and also Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.5 in the Mac-version) has problems with tables with div's with table's in them. I guess they think the html is wrong and that an end-table was missing. So I had to move the menus out of the main-table on the d-a-d.com-pages.

So, big deal, right? Yeah, big deal! Because that makes the design less friendly to people who have turned off Javascript and/or Stylesheets. Sucky, sucky.

I tried Opera 3.62 on the design, and apparantly it doesn't support stylesheets and javascript sufficiently to do the funky menu-thing. At least the page is usable. But less so now, because the entire menu-contents are at the very bottom of the page, instead of to the left.


Why can't people just upgrade, and why can't browsers just all be free software and easily fixable?

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