Oh brother

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2001-05-18

Little Brother is a quite nifty tool. For now I'm using "him" to monitor d-a-d.com and whether any of TDC's mail-servers have been filtered by ORBS'n'others. Nifty.

Someone in dk.edb.system.unix mentioned gentoo linux - a GNU/Linux distribution with a ports-like package system (like the *BSD's, I suppose) - and for some reason it reminded me about a Japanese GNU/Linux distribution that, contrary to most distributions, had cool graphics (manga cartoonish). Damned if I can find that distribution now!

A lot of new RFC's has been published. Why didn't anybody tell me? A .rfc.announce newsgroups is needed, indeed :-)

RFC3098: "How to Advertise Responsibly Using E-Mail and Newsgroups or - how NOT to $$$$$ MAKE ENEMIES FAST! $$$$$"

Other interestring RFC's I noted while browsing the newest ones: Etymology of "Foo" and Pi Digit Generation Protocol.

symbols.com is an encyclopedia of more than 2500 symbols - fascinating!

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