Not the perfect saturday

๐Ÿ•˜๏ธŽ - 2001-03-24

As the dog tried to eat some wood(!) a rather unluckily sized piece got wedged in, in the top back of his mouth spanning the back teeth.

He wasn't all to happy about the situation and tried to get the annoying piece of wood out, by opening his mouth wide and trying to paw at it.

Unfortunately he has rather large corner teeth in the upper jaw, and his paws are too big to fit in the mouth (and can't reach either). The result was wet and somewhat bloodstained forepaws. And a sulky dog.

We tried to pry open his mouth to get it out for him, but every time he opened his mouth I was too scared that it would close rapidly and hard (this has been known to happen, and reflexes are hard to suppress), so time was never long enough to even touch the wood lodged in there.

Over at the hospital they know him by name by now.

The nice doctor with the aid of a nurse held his mouth open and retracted the wood with a suitable grabber. They didn't have to sedate him. And since it went so easily, the nice doctor charged nothing for the treatment. Now that's a hospital!

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