North of the Star #geocaching #photography

๐Ÿ•š๏ธŽ - 2001-07-21

The afternoon and evening was spent finding the geocache called "North of the Star" in Store Dyrehave north of Copenhagen.

Getting to within 500 m of the cache was quite easy, but chosing the right direction after that was a little trickier. I made some bad choices and at one time we entered a quite dense part of the wood, in which we found an alarming amount of trash, ice-cream paper an so on. Peter picked it up and put it where it should have been in the first place, in the trash-bin.

After the unnecessary excursion into the pines, we headed up to the star. And promptly chose what we a little later thought to be the wrong road. So we returned to the star and went down what we thought would be the right road. The first would have worked too, we later learned. Walking down the second road I turned off the road into the woods, but quickly determined that we should probably continue down the road and attack the cache from that angle. Not necessary either :-)

After some thoughts about whether I entered the correct numbers into the GPS - because we thought the cache was supposed to be located somewhere within the frame of the picture on the Geocaching website - Peter found the right direction, guided by the GPS, and we started looking at roots. After a while I found the right one! The box was quickly opened and the contents evaluated.

We brought two different things to add to the cache - a horrible thing, to add if the cache had a lot of good stuff, and a good thing, if the cache had a lot of not so interesting stuff. We took the star-map, and instead we left the work of a star.

A short note was written in the stash-log (it's not that easy to come up with something interesting to write while squatting), assembled the cache and hid it again - semi-covered it with moss as the cache-founder prescribed (and as it was found).

After the catch we headed back, borrowed some water from a house and found a place to cook supper and talk. It is highly recommended to cook in the forest. Nice, woody (not tinny) and quiet. After eating we drove back to Copenhagen and returned the keys to the car-owner with thanks.

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