Nokia logos #Overground

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2000-01-26

Finally we succeeded in changing the "operator-logo" on a Nokia phone! So instead of that boring text that tells you what you already know - what company you pour your money into every time you use the cellphone - it shows a nice little drawing.

What makes Nokia different from other phone-makers? Prettier design, better usability, more pop (games), more configurability - changing logos is a hoot. I don't know about cellphones at all - don't have one - but that's the impression I get...

The software used for designing and sending such a new logo takes me back 10 years. To the days of the Amiga, when everybody who made the tiniest little program made it shareware, crippled it and hoped for the big bucks a-come rolling in. It obviously never happened, and the Amiga died. How much that community could have accomplished if it had made free software!. That is so easy to realize now that we have had the Linux-revolution. But still..

A propos poems...

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