New Copenhagen Suborbitals website

🕙︎ - 2014-03-17

Copenhagen Suborbitals has launched the new website, copsub.com.

It looks nice, and has a lot of information.

The only thing I think is missing, is a quick way to see what the current plans are - when is the next test/launch/demonstration/open house etc.

Plans change and must be adjusted of course, but there should be an easily accessible page saying "We plan to test HEAT 2-X in May, we plan to launch HEAT 2-X from Bornholm in June, we plan to launch HEAT 1600 in 20..."

Oh, and the "Support us"-form should be using https (encryption).

... Also, translated versions of Peter Madsens blogposts on Ingeniøren's website should be included. And the blog-part needs a commenting system, and a RSS/Atom feed.

Other than that, it is a very nice and clean website that you can easily spend an evening reading.

Well done!

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