New closet server #hardware

🕚︎ - 2007-02-20

My closet-server, virgil, is beginning to make a little too much noise and heat.

So, I am considering getting a new, smaller thing to replace it.

As it is - potentially - doing something that requires CPU, it can't be slower than the current one (a 2GHz Pentium 4). It must also have two harddisks for mirroring.

I looked at Dells website, but the lowest price I could find there was a C521 at around 4000 dkr., which included stuff I didn't want to buy, like Windows XP, a cd-drive and a small harddisk.

I haven't been following hardware, so I don't really know what to get and what there is these days.

By looking at Zitechs website I came up with a list like this:

Are these stupid choices? Do the things fit together? (Especially the PSU and the RAM-speed; I don't have a clue). Should I get something else?

Maybe I should just stop worrying and keep the existing machine; it works fine.

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