New ATMs in Denmark

🕒︎ - 2004-02-20

Heard in the Danish radio recently, on the subject of the developement of new ATMs, a representative for the blind in Denmark said something along the lines of: "We've been trying to get these machines to talk for 20 years, now it will finally happen." When it didn't work, why did they continue trying? Did they hope the machines would just spontaneously start to speak? "Hello? Hello?? HELLO!"

The ATMs used all over Denmark are based on the venerable OS/2. The new machines will be based on Windows XP. The reason given is to make the system future-secured, making it possible to use stronger encryption. The CEO of one of the companies can't really explain how that is, though. Not that surprising...

Another reason for Windows XP is that it's the trend of the times(!), and it makes it possible to make the ATMs speak (another explanation missing).

In Danish: Danske pengeautomater skal køre Windows.

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