๐Ÿ•™๏ธŽ - 2015-01-05

I was lucky enough to get a Kindle Paperwhite for christmas. I was wondering what my first foray into buying a book in bit form only should be, when I came across this short article about the circumstances under which William Gibson wrote Neuromancer.

So I left the tab with that article open, and bought Neuromancer on my Kindle, from Amazon, at the grand prize of ~5.5$

I am quite impressed with the e-ink screen on the Kindle, it keeps looking very much like paper, rather than like a computer screen.

I was less impressed by the book, maybe because I did not take into account when it was written, as I read it. Or maybe because I have never read much science fiction. I have heard Neuromancer described as his best work, I guess that is very subjective, too.

And now I have finished the article as well. Yay!

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