Moving woes

๐Ÿ•‘๏ธŽ - 2003-09-20

When moving your TDC ADSL-connection from one place to another, remember that if you've got a permanent IP, that can cause problems if it's not changed at the same time the physical connection is.

(Symptoms (of TDC having a permanent IP-address configured for your login/password that belongs to another central/box than the one you've moved to): You can get an IP-address (from the DHCP-pool), but you can only access www.onlinereg.dk and nothing else.

I told the support person this, but he didn't recognize the problem and refused to do anything from the point where he said "Click the Start-button" and I replied: "I don't use Windows."

He did, however, I assume, pass the problem on, and it was swiftly fixed by someone who did understand the problem - not perfect service (paraphrased: "The line works perfectly, go buy a Windows-box and come back!", "Uhm, no it doesn't work, I can only access www.onlinereg.dk, and I don't feel like buying a Windows-box to fix your configuration problem".), but pretty good (it was fixed 10 minutes after the call, and the second person called me to clear things up)).

At least that's my understanding of what went on. Email me corrections.

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