Moving D:A:D #Overground

🕠︎ - 2000-02-16

The moving of the D:A:D website has been coming for a while. Today the DNS has started to trickle the update out and, lo and behold, it seems to work!

The ugly, counterlogical and nonsensical part of the addresses "dad/" is gone now.

(When I was told there had to be that "dad/"-thing, I was willing to close the website for the 14 days they said it would take to fix it. But with a twisted arm I went along with it (okay, they'll fix it in a fortnight, and I'll live with the uglyness for that amount of time), and what happened? More than 2½ year with a braindead and broken address for each and every, but the front-, page! Sigh. But it's all better now. Yay!)

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