More copy-"protection"

๐Ÿ•›๏ธŽ - 2002-09-19

But the big question is: Who would pirate a Bon Jovi CD?

The MIT Blackjack team.

Mozilla has been blessed with a more informative cookie-dialogue.

Some people buy a house and get a car in the same timespan I use to wonder whether I should get a new hairbrush or not. I'm in awe.

OpenBrick - I want one.

Whoa, I never heard of these before: Mattel Powerglove.

The Acaeum - takes you back a decade and a half, or so.

"The Wizardry of Id" - basic article at IEEE Spectrum.

Bixflux editor - interesting, and under the Apache License.

Xopus - perhaps interesting as well?

Take the Free Software licensing quiz - prepare to become dizzy.

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