Looking for a new CPU+motherboard #hardware

🕧︎ - 2012-04-21

I just noticed that the current crop of consumer motherboards now support 8GB memory modules, making a switch from 16GB to 32GB in my desktop computer feasible.

So I spent a while looking at CPUs and motherboards.

Man, what a jungle.

What I'd like is a CPU with low power consumption and a motherboard with firewire and room for 32GB ram.

That should be pretty straight forward, right?

I have been using AMD processors since I retired ye olde Intel Pentium 4(?) 800 MHz, so I went looking at AMD.

It seems that there are no 45W CPUs in AMDs current line up (not considering processors "below" the Phenom II line (I have an AMD Athlon II X2 245e currently)).

65W AMD CPUs are the prohibitively expensive AMD Phenom II X4 910e and the slightly pricey (compared to similarly numbered CPUs with higher power consumption) A8-3800.


Then I looked at Intels offerings. The Intel Core i5-2500T is a 45W solution, but ... a motherboard with firewire for Intel CPUs is a bit more expensive than the AMD alternatives, and do I really want to buy an Intel CPU?

Maybe I should just wait. Or do you have some good advice?

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