Linuxforum 2006, friday

๐Ÿ•”๏ธŽ - 2006-03-03

I took some pictures at Linuxforum 2006 today. Looked like the usual suspects attending?

Wietse Venemas talk was nice to hear, but not exactly exceptional. The other talks I attended aren't worth mentioning.

The largest surprise was that Apple has made a new MacMini that I hadn't heard about before (by the way what is Apple doing at an open source conference?!).

I want a silent desktop-computer; this could very well be it (I've postponed buying a MacMini to see if there wasn't a new model coming out soon :-)) So, does it run Linux yet? Maybe I should ask the Apple-folks. Whoa, it's expensive.

I saw Alan Cox there - he gives a talk tomorrow that could very well be worth attending.

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