Linkbunch #Coop

๐Ÿ•–๏ธŽ - 2000-03-31

Every once in a while I fall over this: AmiDog - a website that looks like an old Amiga. Cute!
Groucho Marx quotes.
Here's a nice article that brings the overhyped XML down to earth.
If you are contemplating writing a daemon in Perl (I did), webreference has a nice tutorial on that. My discussionnntpd is slick now! :-)
If you need to look up a domain or an address, dk-hostmaster to the rescue.
webreview has a huge table indicating what parts of Cascading Style Sheets the most used browsers on the most used platforms support.
In the fun department there is a Microsoft parody (is that an oxymoron? :-)) - revisiting the site I see that it has been cracked recently... and the parody was the crack. Or was it? The parody is online at another, less fun address.
Some people dislike the mouse that comes with Apples newer machines (some dislike all mice with less than three buttons :-)), here is a simple solution!
A lot of talk about DHTML and "action" on websites... Here's a page with crossplatform stuff. Haven't read any of it yet, though.
Nupedia is an attempt on a collaborative online encyclopedia. An idea that has been explored elsewhere, but still interesting. Don't know about the name...
Still hung up on names.

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