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๐Ÿ•™๏ธŽ - 2000-07-22

Celebrities go dot.com-crazy.

Tactile12000 - a virtual two-turntable dj-setup for mixing MP3's! (Of course it's Windows & Mac only). But, uhm, why not use real turntables and buy real vinyl?!

Good times for Free Software: Sun has announced that Star Office (a whooping monster, but still) will be released under the Gnu Public License on October 13, 2000!

Did you actually read any of that hype? Here's more: Web Economy Bullshit Generator. "We'll be focusing on the task of enabling revolutionary e-business, while we will be syndicating global platforms and performing stunning feats to incentivize visionary e-markets.", said CEO Blah Blahrksen.

"GNU/Linux more purely represents the exciting ideals of early techno-culture - DIY, sharing, decentralization. It's an operating system with some socialist-anarchist politics. It's amusing to watch as companies jumping on the Linux bandwagon come upon the idea of "open source" and try to synchronize that with their more traditional notions of intellectual property and systems of control. It rekindles my hope that this technology might still serve human liberation."

- Interview with R. U. Serious and Justin Hall.

Yahoo!News has a page with the top ten most email-to-your-friends'ed stories!

Mozilla is pondering whether to help newbies avoid Jeopardy-style quoting or now.

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