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🕜︎ - 2020-07-23

As I am switching internet service provider soon, as thought it might be interesting to install SmokePing to see if there is any difference before and after. The connection is going over the same phone line, using the same technology, terminated in the same equipment, on the same central, as far as I know, so the variables are the actual router/modem and the ISP.

Shortly after setting it up, I noticed an interesting bump in latency to my virtual private server hosted in Frankfurt:

It doubled from around 10 to around 01 the following day. Huh?! The other host in Germany I have configured in SmokePing shows the same bump:

But all the other graphs are flat. Odd!

It happened again, this time from 18 to 00:30. I wonder what is going on.

Oh, I just noticed, the first one was from 18 to 01 (not 10), so approximately the same time span as well!

- Adam Sjøgren 🕧︎ - 2020-07-24


The curious pattern continues for the third day in a row:

- Adam Sjøgren 🕛︎ - 2020-07-25


In the weekend, Saturday, it started later and seems to have ended earlier, but it's still happening, the latency doubling:

- Adam Sjøgren 🕦︎ - 2020-07-26


After switching to a different ISP, the latency jumps are gone:

Which is surprising, because traceroute showed the slow down on a telia hop:

 4  kbn-b3-link.telia.net (  9.455 ms  10.175 ms  10.165 ms


 4  kbn-b3-link.telia.net (  30.064 ms  28.624 ms  29.987 ms

and I'm still passing through it after the ISP switch:

 5  kbn-b3-link.telia.net (  11.069 ms  11.285 ms  9.982 ms

- Adam Sjøgren 🕓︎ - 2020-08-04


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