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๐Ÿ•“๏ธŽ - 2012-07-02

Before the KOMPRESSOR singularity in 2005 ANDREAS K had a webblog with a variety of interesting posts. One of them stood out in my memory, it had to do with aprils fools.

A little searching turned up the text in two, just two, places in the Google index.

Here is the text, see if you can avoid smiling:

"this morning we arrive to work. our office is very clean and neat every day but today. someone who also works at this company has put many things into the office.

we demand to know who does this and one man tells us "april fools". i tell him to remove all these items from the office. he puts a hundred rubber balloons in the office for no reason.

then i tell him "you must clean bathroom now." he starts to tell us that he is landscaper and does not need to clean bathroom. then i tell him "april fools. you do not have to clean bathroom. instead you are fired. leave the building now and your personal items will be shipped to you."

perhaps he does not understand that business needs to be run without idiot balloons or child games. the office is quiet now, i am at the desk, preparing to landscape for another day. the only sound is drum machine which runs all 24 hours in the office, always on, always set to SAMBA pattern.

tonight at dusk we go to the house of this former landscape employee and use bricks to remove his car windows. if we are questioned, we tell the observers, april fools, and leave the area before you are also fooled by this day with our bricks.

thank you ANDREAS.K."

Simply brilliant.

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