Kashmir, Vega #music #photography

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2003-05-29

Another good Kashmir-concert; this one in Vega, Copenhagen. I found the sound quite bad in the more quiet parts of the concert (especially in Lampshade - after which Kaspers microphone was changed); maybe it sounded better in other parts of the room.

As a new feature(?), a large gong was hanging in the back of the stage. It was used a couple of times, but in noisy parts, so I couldn't really hear the sound it made.

I wasn't that impressed with the lights this time either - I think a little more work could be put into that; too much light a lot of the time, leaving the band looking sort of, well, a band in a room with a lot of light in the room... (I know, not a very helpful description/critique).

I was stopped by the entrance-security due to my camera, but insisted that I had the bands permission to photograph. They didn't have a record of that, but managed to fetch the tourmanager, to whom I introduced myself and was instantly okayed. So, there are pictures this time as well.

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