Jukebox IV - news from the radio #jukebox #programming

๐Ÿ•œ๏ธŽ - 2010-09-25

After changing the system disk in my jukebox from a 7200 RPM to a 4200 RPM disk (less speed โ†’ less heat โ†’ less noise) I was pretty happy.

But there was one more thing that would be nice: If it played the radio news every hour.

So I added a little script that pauses mpd, starts vlc (well, actually vlc is forked in the background and the script sleeps a little before it pauses mpd, to minimize the gap), plays the radio for a predetermined length of time, whereafter vlc is killed and mpd unpaused (if it wasn't paused to begin with).

After fiddling a little with the crontab to start the script at the right time, and for how long to keep vlc streaming, I am pretty happy with the result. Good bye P3.

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