Jukebox III - time flies #jukebox

🕘︎ - 2010-07-03

It was more than five years ago I wrote about the idea of replacing my cd-player with a Mac Mini jukebox.

Finally I have it working.

The feature that I dreamt of that isn't implemented yet is the automatic extraction of cds. I am not in a great hurry, as I have all my cds copied to the harddisks already.

Playing an already extracted cd can be done by putting the cd in the drive - the jukebox looks it up (Musicbrainz) and finds it on the harddisk. The cd is then ejected, so you can put it back. Look ma, no computer-interface involved!

223 lines was all it took - that is 0.11 lines per day on average. Probably a contender for "most glacial speed of development". Quite fitting, come to think of it, as it was around 30°C when I wrote the code today; glaciers a-melting galore.

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