It looks so peaceful...

🕡︎ - 2000-12-27

... when you look at it at night from above.

Maybe a new background for ones desktop?

Maybe a script should fetch todays picture and put it on the desktop every day? That would be cool.

Bush Horrified To Learn Presidential Salary... ;-)

George Bush saw something in the boyish young (though actually not that young) man [[Dan Quayle]]; indeed we were told, he recognized in him something of a son.

Little did we know.

Dan Quayle redux, by Lawrence Weschler in Salon.

Ahhh! Bushisms!!

The Linux Laptop SuperGuide merely says "Error!" whenever I click on a link. Not that interesting, actually...

"Ordinary Skill in the Art" - Based on the 2000 Knuth-Prize Lecture, by Jeffrey D. Ullman.

The next change: Going from HTML to XHTML.

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