Importing a calender into Android 4 #android

๐Ÿ•š๏ธŽ - 2012-11-23

I like the look of the Calendar in Android 4. It looks nice and sleek, and doesn't have too many superfluous, distracting bells and whistles.

I wonder how to import calendar entries from another calendar, though. I have an iCal (.ics) file, but I see no option to import it.

(Using Google Calendar is not an option - I do not want to upload all my calendar entries to a third party server.)

Any ideas?

I thought that "iCal Import/Export" would be just the thing, but unfortunately it crashes upon startup.

Do I need to learn Java to get this to work?

Update: Maybe "ICalSync" fits the ticket?

Yes, it does!

I had to fix the script I have to extract calendar entries from my Chronos installation and write an iCal file to create one calendar (instead of a calender per event), fix utf-8 handling (to avoid breaking lines in the middle of a multi octet utf-8 char!), and change Data::ICal to not skip outputting the time when it is 00:00.

The preview function of ICalSync now happily reads all 6800+ entries!

When syncing it says it processes all of them, but they aren't stored in the calendar, unfortunately. If I reduce the .ics file to only hold the newest 1000 events it works, so I'll just to that for now - enough bisecting for one evening!

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