I'm tired

🕡︎ - 2000-06-08

I'm tired of only posting positive stuff.

I want to complain, bitch and moan kilobyte after kilobyte.

Like when you encounter a D-A-D fan that complains about D-A-D playing a concert another place during the Roskilde Festival. Yes, I can see that is annoying, and something they shouldn't do. And no, your not a selfcentered, egotistical raving idiot with shit for brains. Nooo, you are being perfectly reasonable. Everything else in the world should just stop because you are lying covered in vomit deaddrunk in a mudhole trying to find a tent and your lost spliff. Yes. That's right.


The spammers never cease to amaze me:

This is not Spam. You receive this mail because you or somebody on your behalf have submitted your mail address to wwwARTchannel and thereafter you are in our Database

I didn't ask for it, it's sent out in bulk - it's spam. You can cite the names of all the American bills you want, it's still spam, it's still unwanted, and you're still getting a report through SpamCop.

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