I Love You #Coop

๐Ÿ•“๏ธŽ - 2000-05-04

The Danish Radio News just spend several minutes describing a new email-"virus" (trojan) called "I Love You" that has been infecting a lot of people all over the world today.

A security dude from the phonecompany said: "The first thing to do when you get home to your computer is NOT to start the email-program".

Interesting enough, besides sending itself to everybody in ones address-book, it also deletes image- and music-files from your harddisk. Maybe the RIAA started it? :-) No wait, maybe it was DR? They just aired a (hilarous, I might add) show about Windows not, uh-oh, being safe (the good old Back Orifice story...).

ComOn reports that the virus is a variant of a virus called "Pretty_Park". They also claim that it affects Microsoft programs, but they don't know if it affect other programs :-)

Oh, and ComOn also says that there is a cure... Perhaps people should consider getting a better cure? :-)

Apparantly it has hit the UK too, at least that's what SlashDot is reporting...

And people are starting to complain about all the "Don't open that email"-emails they get... :-)

My stomach hurts from laughing!

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